Sunday, July 02, 2006

Java : Index of notes

Credits & Disclaimer : The following are my Java 2 notes prepared during the course of my preparation for SCJP2 1.4 Exam and mostly referenced from Khalid Mughal/Rolf W. Rasmussen book. These are meant for my personal use.

In past I have prepared notes on paper many times but seldom have i been able to use them. As layers of dust settle on them, it gets kind of messy to touch them :) This blog, an online notebook, seems like an ideal solution to me, to be referenced on the move without need to carry bulky books.

    1. Java : Introduction 1 (Basics of class, objects, class members, instance members, inheritance, aggregation)
    2. Java : Introduction 2 (Tokens, identifiers, keywords, literals, Escape sequences, data types, life time & default values of variables, Jave source file structure.

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