Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Password authentication setup: OS v/s password file

Operating system authentication setup:

For NT:


  • Disallows remote administration


  • More than one instance can use the password file.
  • Only SYS user is recognized by the password file.
  • Only SYS can logon remotely to perform system administration.
  • Only one instance can use the password file and it contains names other than SYS.
  • Indicates that a password file exists and user/password combination in this file can 
    log into Oracle remotely and administer the instance.
  • DBA can use the create user command in Oracle to create user who are added to the
    password file, and grant sysoper & or sysdba privileges to them.
Note : Any object created by anyone logging in as SYSOPER or SYSDBA will be owned by SYS.

Password file authentication setup:

Create a password file through ORAPWD utility:
In NT :
C:\ > orapwd FILE='%ORACLE_HOME%\database\orapwSKDB.pwd' PASSWORD=jason ENTRIES=5

Default location of password file : %ORACLE_HOME%\database

A non default password file location can be specified in the windows registry with the key
In Unix:
orapwd \FILE='/u01/app/oracle/product/9.0.1/dbs/orapwSKDB.pwd' \PASSWORD=jason
Default location of password file : $ORACLE_HOME\dbs


well past midnight now... In the background of my brains i can almost hear her say these words...

tu hi meri shaab bai... subah hai... tu hi din hai mera...
tu hi mera raab hai... jahan hai... tu hi meri duniya... tu waqt mere liye, mei hu tera lamha...
kaisi rahega bhala... tu mujhse jooda..

crazy & maddening... memories overpowering...

[Gangster movie song (translation) : u r my night... morning... day..., u r my God... my world... universe...

You are my time and i am ur moment... how will u live without me?]


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